Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rainbow Bright

Rainbow parties seem to be all the rage right now. With rainbow ideas all over pinterest, it seemed like a pretty good time to jump on the band wagon. I can't really take credit for the invitation idea.

They ate jell-o popcorn, skittles, rainbow fruit kabobs, twizzlers, and fishies.
I made rainbow ice which was cool, until all the colors melted together and turned the Sprite blackish gray.
They painted their nails

and crafted

and treasure hunted for extra large rainbow swirled lollipops.

And as if they needed anymore sugar, we had rainbow cake. Fun to make, fun to eat. The girls' reactions when we cut the first piece was totally worth it. A definite crowd pleaser.



Holly said...

the invitation has got to be as much fun as the party! Love that circus font.

Youngquist Family said...

you have to share what you plan...I've got one coming up. Happy Birthday to Ruby!